Fionna’s Story

fionna-pinkBorn 22nd July 2001 Fionna came into this world as a peaceful little angel, she would not cry unless she was hungry. Once fed, she would just lie there smiling.

At the age of 22 months, Fionna suffered from respiratory failure as a result of croup which is a virus that is common among children during winter. She was hospitalized for some time and Doctors informed us that Fionna will not make it to her 2nd birthday. We disagreed with the prognosis as croup is not a life threatening disease and so did Fionna as she made what we thought was a complete recovery. We however soon realized that Fionna, who was already doing things at her age prior to her illness, was no longer able to do either! This was the turning point of Fionna’s life that resulted in her being wheelchair bound. In addition, as a result of very many MRIs, Fionna started having seizures which she suffered for the rest of her life.

At the age of 4 years, Fionna was referred to a specialist at the University of Minnesota for further study. It was then that the doctor clarified to us what had happened to Fionna during her initial illness… Fionna suffered from lack of oxygen to the brain while they were inserting the life support machine!
She loved to travel and we took everywhere to concerts and overseas. She loved it, meeting new people. Though she was not talking but she will smile all the time when she meets new people or when she knows that she was going to take the plane.

familyIn April 30, 2015… Fionna came from school with slight cold symptoms. The symptoms continued to worsen overnight and she was seen at the clinic the following day where she was diagnosed with common cold. By Sunday May 3rd, she had difficulty breathing and was taken to Urgent Care, from where she was later rushed to the Fairview Ridges ER for further evaluation. She was diagnosed with pneumonia and was transferred to Gillette Children’s Hospital St Paul upon doctor’s recommendation where she was placed on life support machine. Early Tuesday morning May 5th, Fionna’s condition worsened and she was transferred to Minneapolis Children’s Hospital. The team at Minneapolis Children’s worked tirelessly, day and night in efforts to restore Fionna’s health but unfortunately she succumbed to her illness in the early hours of Wednesday May 13th 2015 at the tender age of 13.

We have decided to continue Fionna’s journey by helping families who are facing the same challenges in life like we did but don’t have the resources that we had.

Our little angel now rests peacefully awaiting the trumpet of the Lord when she will rise and run through the golden streets of Jerusalem. Sleep Fionna…sleep!!