Ways to Give

donatebuttonYour donation to Fionna’s Angels Network Foundation can make a huge difference in the life of a child or loved one who is struggling with a chronic illness.

Fionna’s Angels Network Foundation assists individuals and/or organizations dealing with sickness of family or clients who have serious medical conditions and are not equipped to handle these on their own.

There are many different ways for you to help — and to make a difference in many lives.

Individual Giving
There are many ways for you, as an individual, to help support  children and families dealing with serious medical issues. Monthly giving, stock gifts, or donating physical items that are on our Wish Lists are all popular ways of giving and helping.

Corporate Giving
“Cooperative Connections” with local businesses can help Fionna’s Angels Network Foundation through event sponsorships and program support. Volunteering is another great way for businesses to give back to the community.

“Ring of Angels” (Monthly Giving)
Giving a pre-determined amount each month through an easy automated donation is a  great way to provide ongoing support to families dealing with serious medical issues. Even by giving a little at-a-time, your tax-deductible gift can add up to do big things!

Workplace Giving
Many businesses today offer a workplace giving program through monthly pre-tax payroll deductions. Please ask your H.R. or Benefits Department about the specific options available to you. In addition to pre-tax giving, many employers also offer a program to match your contributions. This is a great way to double your gift!

Legacy Giving
Providing for a portion of your estate to be left to Fionna’s Angels Network Foundation establishes a powerful bond that show’s your entire family the importance of your commitment to giving to others. Legacy Giving can come in many forms including; stocks, real estate, and life insurance. Please talk to your personal Financial Advisor to see what options are best suited for your specific situation.

Community Fundraisers
Turn your hobby into a community fundraiser for Fionna’s Angels Network Foundation. Organizing a Charitable Golf Tournament, a Local Bake Sale or Art Fair can become a fabulous fundraiser. Use your creativity, imagination, and skills to host a community FUNdraiser with the emphasis on FUN!

Wish List (In-Kind Donations)
Provide a wide assortment of physical items that are currently on our Wish Lists. Needed items range from medical supplies; such as wheel chairs and crutches, to household furniture, to clothing, and much, much more. Donate items as an individual or organize a supply drive at your church or business!